Hello! i am expirencing a small issue

I am making this test for a game to come, but there is an issue in the “BossAttack” tab.
CoSpaces Edu :: Test This is the link but the issue is that the boss or “Damage receiving product” is supposed to shoot out a cube that does damage to the player but after it shoots once if doesn’t shoot again. I would like to know the issue and hopefully some one will fix it,Many thanks!.

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Hi @Angel_Ornelas, Cool game so far!

The bug was the debounce getting stuck on True, this because when a blue transtion block is stopped elsewehere through code the code after that transition block will not continue. I’ve moved it a little further up and that fixes it.

I would however recommend starting to work with functions if you want to continue making this game, it helps wit hreading and allows you to re-use code. I’ve restructed your code and added a bunch of comments explaining why and how to make functions yourself.

Hope this helps and good luck with your game!

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Thank you very much for this help @Luc