Help needed 3D module search

When I click on Upload and 3D Modules, I can only click on upload. I can’t search for 3d modeles like I have seen people do in instructional videos.
Hope someone can help. Why is that and how do I fix it?

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Hi @JD100 for several years we had tge oppurtunity to upload 3 modells from Google Poly unfortunately Google decided to close Ploy there for it isn’t possibile anymore to upload 3D modells directly. Fortunately there are a lot of sites which offe the possibility to download 3D models with creative commons licences. Where can I find 3D modells?. If you think this comment is the right answer at your question please mark it as a solution. Good luck


Here’s some sites you can find 3D models on:

See also this guide to finding models:

Hope this helps!

Geoff @ TechLeap

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thankyou so much, this is all i want

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use this if you want pikachew → (29.6 KB)

it works i have used it