Help needed for shooting mechanic in game

I am currently making a game and here is the test. I have trouble making the shooting mechanic,specifically the ability of the bullet colliding with “Damage reciever” and doing damage to the health and disappearing. Many thanks.

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One way to do this is to set a variable to the bullet copy. Then with a run parallel block, you can make the bullet move forward and check if it collides with the damage receiver and delete it. I also added a debounce feature to prevent spamming :slight_smile:
CoSpaces Edu :: Remix of Test

Thank you so much! although at the moment i cant open up the link,let me know if its on my end or if its the same for others.

It seems like the link takes me to un expected page or you have not sent me the share link. it could also be that you didn’t make the space sharable @andr

it should be working now.
CoSpaces Edu :: Remix of Test