Help needed with making an item dissapear with collison

Hello! I am making a game in which you click cube that generates money,but i dont know how to make the money disapear when you collide/step on it. here is the link for what ive gotten down: CoSpaces Edu :: Make money simulator

Hi @Daniel_Ornelas,
You can do this by creating a function (in the red function tab, then click create function), store your copy of the money into a variable and then passing that variable into the function; This ensures that the collision event we will implement will remember the item that is being referenced.

Within the function you can set an event that is applied on the variable passed into the function (the money copy) and executes when the camera collides with it. Here I’ve implemented it.
Hope to have helped, best of luck with your game!


Thank you so much @Luc ! I will be making a demo soon,many thanks!

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