Help with Cameras

I am trying to create a theme park with rides that you can “ride” via camera. I’ve created a basic code where, when the main camera collides with a ride, it switches to the ride camera and the camera then follows a path.

This works, however, when you are switched to the camera view of the ride (in this case a Ferris wheel), the perspective is all wrong. I can move the camera, but the controls are funny because the path is turned on its side to follow the spin of the Ferris wheel. Is there a way to “lock” the perspective of the camera, so that it views as you would in real life- a fixed perspective all the way around?

See my practice cospace for more detail.


Hoi @Andrea_Carovillano,

Actually, there is a way to set the camera not to turn with the path, but this is possible only in TypeScript(Python). Here is an example inspired by your practice CoSpace, with an animated Ferris wheel: RMF-CWL
The TypeScript code gives more options than CoBlocks:

let seat = Scene.getItem("seat") as Cuboid;
let RoundPath = Scene.getItem("Round path") as PathItem;

function move () {seat.transition.moveOnPath({
       path: RoundPath,
       speed: 0.2,
       time: 10,
       turnWithPath: false,
       repeat: true

I hope you will find some of these things of this useful.
Great idea by the way.

Thank you very much! Is it possible to use TypeScript and CoBlocks?

Yes, TypeScript is compatible with CoBlocks, and it’s possible to have as many tabs as needed.