Helping colouring and coding an object


I have some questions about a certain object. I was wondering if you could color each lock in a different color and to avoid having mutiple numbers one lock?

This is the for the first problem:

This is for the second problem:

Screenshot 2023-06-02 193723

Your help will be much appreciated.


David Ativie

Hi @david_ativie, not sure I entirely follow; The color of each wheel / each number on the wheel can be changed by going into the editor, folding open the “LockWheel_” and adjusting the color of each “Text panel”, as for the multiple numbers in one lock i’m not sure what happend I assume you made an extra copy of the lock, this you could delete. If it still persists you should link your cospace (with "allow others to copy this cospace checked on) so that we can take a look; Hope this helps!