Hi I am new here and I have a question

Uhm… I was just wondering how to make a game but I have no idea…

Hi @Kryptonite456, I suggest you write down what your game is about and how you want your game to work first.

This will help you to break your big goal (make a game) into smaller, manageable pieces (the tasks involved), which will be easier for you to achieve, and make things clearer for you.

Best of luck,
Geoff @ TechLeap

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Okay! But the thing I am dealing with here, is how to make a game in general… where do I go to make the game it self?

Hi @Kryptonite456,
I would start with some of the templates (escape rooms or parkour) because you have everything in place here, plus the CoBlocks you need for the game. To find those, you’ll need to create a new scene and then choose a template. It is possible to use different templates throughout one CoSpace and remixing is a great way to start learning code.
Have Fun!

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