How can I set objects on the path item and move?

I watch the video of how to use path item ; however I cannot find this block image in the CoBlock . Could someone tell me where to find it , thank a lot!

Hello! That block is in the transform category. An easy way to locate blocks is using the search bar at the top of the CoBlocks coding space. Just type “path” in the search bar and you’ll find the block you need. Hope this helps! :slight_smile: image

Thanks for the replying. But in the transform category I can only find this Block image which is related to path item. I also typed 路 (path) in the search bar. The result was the same! How can I set my character on the path with this block? There is no chioce for selecting characters!

Have your turned on coblocks for the character? If so, I would expect you will find the block you are looking for.

This block can be found only in Pro version. Free version does not show this block but path item can be found in library.

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Ah! I did not realize that! Hoping you are a pro user, mjes. :slight_smile:

Of course, I am a pro user! And all characters and path item were set in the CoBlock. I just want to move the rabbit along with the path. I think the block which can set the rabbit move along the track is missing ! Maybe I should report the problem to cospaces staff.

There is a bug in the Chinese localisation of this block, that’s why you can not select an item there. As a workaround, you can temporarily switch to English. Sorry for that! We will fix the block in a coming update.

Thanks for solving the problem. It had bothered me for a few days. I and my students can design their paths easily.