How do I get a line of code to stop but without stopping the entire cospace code

Any suggestions that might work would be helpful.

@CoSpacesEdu I need anything you all can give me that might help.

You can use the coblock “run parallel”.

I tried and i will try agian

Can i see the code? It might help me to understand what you need.

what i am trying to do is use the up arrow then it will say do it again then do it again then say now down etc but it will keep saying up agin

A screenshot might help.

ok one sec i will now

Screenshot 2022-05-17 2.29.24 PM

but then it will only do one of them every time I press up and will never do the other

and this is what I need to happen but it will only run one of the “when up is pressed” and never run the other.

It could work if you set every action on the same key coblock.

Or try this.

I will try both and what do you mean by coblock

commands of cospaces: coblocks

so just how would they all be set up in that co block

This may work @Michael_G

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it didn’t work um it keeps on only doing the last two and only use the last two

oh and thanks it realy did work

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if i ever need help i would want to come to you :slight_smile: