How do I go inside a house?

We’re using CoSpaces for the first time and have many newbie questions but I’ll start with, students have added a house as an object. The house has a door that they would like to enter and then they want to build a scene inside the house. How can I help them to do this?
Thank you,

Hi @Beth_Poston,

The best way to give a user the impression that they’re “entering” the house is to switch to our interior-scene with CoBlocks. Here’s how:

  1. First, create the house (or the door) you’d like to use for interaction. Make sure to add it to CoBlocks.
  1. Now we’re using the go to scene - CoBlock to program a scene-change when the door is clicked.
  1. Let’s create the “interior”-scene. Once it is added, you can connect it to the CoBlock.

That’s it! Now you programmed a door (or entire house) that will change to an interior scene when it is clicked :slight_smile:

This behavior can be expanded in different ways! For example, different doors would lead to different scenes, and once you’re inside a house you’ll have to find your way out again, too :slight_smile:

Below is a remixable space based on the example above. Feel free to copy it and see how it was made.