How do I make a cylinder move along its main axis

When I attach a cylinder to a path, it travels along the path with the curved surface front and back in the path direction, and the end caps side-to-side. Pre-rotating the cylinder makes no difference, it’s like the cylinder is forced to have it’s “green” axis lined up with the path direction. So, can I change this and how? And failing that, why is the default to move it like a can sliding on a benchtop, rather than a piston? The latter would be very handy for moving platforms for example. Thanks!

You could put the cylinder inside of a cube and make the cube invisible, the nyou have full control over the direction the cylinder is facing by rotating it inside of the invisible cube.

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Sure this works, and I can also code it using move up/down blocks, but it’s unfortunate to have to do something like this that makes it harder for the younger students! Thanks though.