How to add videos to your spaces

With CoSpaces Edu you can upload videos to make your spaces more engaging than ever before! :popcorn:

Here’s how:

The video upload feature

File format supported: mp4
Maximum file size: 50mb

1. Uploading a video file

To add a video to your scene, open the Upload section in the bottom menu and click on Videos.
You can either click on the Upload button or drag & drop your video file into your scene.

2. Editing a video panel

You can edit the video panel in your scene like any other item in CoSpaces Edu! Scale and rotate the video panel as you see fit. In addition, you can change the following video options:

  • Video - This lets you select the video file to display in the video panel.
  • Autoplay - When enabled, the video will play automatically when you start the Play Mode.
  • Looping - When enabled, the video will play endlessly.
  • Muted - This mutes the video regardless of its volume.
  • Volume slider - This sets the volume of the video sound.

3. Coding a video panel

You can also use CoBlocks to control when a video should start or stop playing!

4. Have fun!

We look forward to seeing your creations using the video upload feature!