How to click with VR headset


I have tried two different headsets and phones (Android/iPhone), but can’t get the student project to be “clickable” while in a headset. With one headset, we tried to connect a bluetooth remote, but weren’t able to get it to work. Other bluetooth remotes seem to be poorly rated, so I’m not eager to purchase another one. I went out and bought a headset with a magnetic button on the side, but this button would only work with Google Cardboard apps.

Do you have a headset you recommend for interacting with VR projects?

Thanks for any insights!

Hi Bethany,

what kind of mobile VR viewer are you using? Many mobile VR viewers come with a button you can press (e.g. the ViewMaster.

“Clicking” in VR on mobile just means tapping the screen with your finger or a “simulated finger” from the VR viewer, which is often a piece of rubber that’s pressed on the screen.

Clicking via bluetooth should be possible as long as the bluetooth controller can simulate a mouse click.

Same issue with some.VR boxes we bought for school. We found 2 solutions. You can use foil or conductive tape to create a button that mimics a touch.

Or drill a hole in the bottom (what we did)

Some kids even bought cheap touch pens and built them into the device.


Check these VR headset options to see if any meet your needs. Personally speaking, I think the BlitzWolf Goggles should top the list of most users.

Is there some way to “walk” and click? I would like to walk inside my museum and click on buttons to activate videos. What is the most affordable solution?

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I use a cheap gaming button like thís one

You can autoclick by using this autoclicker for android.

Thanks Bro I used this autoclicker on my Headset and it worked.