How to code on mobile

how? I can’t find how to do it in the app

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  1. You can open the built-in code editor by clicking on the “Code” icon in the upper right hand corner.
  2. Then you can decide whether you want to code in Blockly or in JavaScript/TypeScript.
  3. When your script is ready you can just click on the “Play” button to run your program
    You need a pro account to code.
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But there is no button there! We are talking about the mobile version!

You should be able to find the “Code” Button with the square and the little arrows up in the top right hand corner of the screen while not playing your CoSpace. This may vary depending on your device, and/or if you have a smaller screen. If you see this button, but it doesn’t work that may be because it is asking you to choose a coding language. CoBlocks, TypeScript/JavaScript, and Python (Beta) are available. Another reason you may not be able to find this button, would be because it may not be your project. If you want to recreate a project made by someone else, go to the project’s homepage, and click the “Remix” button. It will then appear in the “PlayGround” area of the selected class. The class can be chosen when you click the “Remix” button.

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someone help i cant find code in my mobile

Hi @6B03_Hailey Can you share a screenshot with us so we can help you?

The above answers by @Phoenix_X and @Sruthan_Kondaveeti should be able to help, but if not, we’ll need to see what you’re seeing to get a better idea on how to assist you.


Like that, at the right up corner there is not a code button, where can we find it?