How to connect Cospaces with Oculus Go?

Hi all:

Newbie here. I have students creating a scene in CoSpaces. I have a Go. What are the steps for students to able to export and view their scenes on the O. Go?

Hi @Teri_Gilbert,

All spaces made by students are available to them on the Oculus Go automatically :slight_smile:
Simply log into the CoSpaces Edu app on Oculus Go with username and password.

Hi Stefan:

Thanks. I opened the Go and am looking at all the apps on the Go and I cannot find CoSpaces Edu app on the Go. PLease help–what am I doing wrong? Teri

Hi @Teri_Gilbert,

Some apps, including CoSpaces Edu, must be downloaded from the Oculus store. Check out the Oculus support website for an easy way to get started!

Hi Stefan: Thanks for your help–we are good to go! Teri

Any help please!
I have connected to CoSpaesEdu using a sign in with Google option, but in the Oculus Go App for CoSpacesEdu there is only an option to login with username and password - so now we are stuck!


I’m sorry I can’t help you on this one: We signed in via Cospaces, not Google.

I had the same issue. To fix it, log into CoSpaces on your browser and go to settings and change your password. Once you change this password you’ll be able to log with the gmail and the new password on the Oculus Go

This is not a fix I would employ with students- CoSpaces do you have any other plans within the Occulus Go app to allow for Google sign in?