How to connect Cospaces with Oculus Go?


Hi all:

Newbie here. I have students creating a scene in CoSpaces. I have a Go. What are the steps for students to able to export and view their scenes on the O. Go?


Hi @Teri_Gilbert,

All spaces made by students are available to them on the Oculus Go automatically :slight_smile:
Simply log into the CoSpaces Edu app on Oculus Go with username and password.


Hi Stefan:

Thanks. I opened the Go and am looking at all the apps on the Go and I cannot find CoSpaces Edu app on the Go. PLease help–what am I doing wrong? Teri


Hi @Teri_Gilbert,

Some apps, including CoSpaces Edu, must be downloaded from the Oculus store. Check out the Oculus support website for an easy way to get started!


Hi Stefan: Thanks for your help–we are good to go! Teri