How to import FBX models into CoSpaces

For our competition girls created 3D models in 3D paint, but we struggled getting them into CoSpaces with the textures. Looks like converting them to .OBJ with Autodesk FBX converter (link in video decription) works like a charm. So I made a video how to do it - enjoy.

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Thank you so much you help me and my students a lot as we tried to import fbx file but we loose the color


There should be NO difference if u drag .OBJ or .FBX
And I would say, FBX is preferable.

If u have any issues with FBX please let us know.

While the model mesh imports fine from the FBX file, the texture does not. The issue is that the texture is embedded in the FBX file. Attached is the file one of our girls created in 3D Paint - there is no image file for the texture because she was drawing it on the model. If seems CoSpaces cannot reads the embedded texture and on import of the FBX, this is the error message:

 Exported models:
 Bad materials in model Rock
	Nodes: ["node_id30"]
	Textures: ["304.png"]

There is no file 304.png, just the FBX file when saving in 3D Paint (and others). Turns out Blender also does not extract the texture, but Maya shows it fine. So we tried the Autodesk FBX converter and when saving as OBJ it create the .mtl file and an image file with the texture. That is why I made the tutorial - our students want to use simple 3D creating software and import it into CoSpaces with materials and textures. They do not have access to expensive software such as Maya, but the converter is free to use.

If would be great if CoSpaces could import all the information in the FBX file (including embedded textures) right away making this step unnecessary - maybe renaming the extracted texture to 304.png and importing it with the FBX file would work too, but that requires knowing the name that is expected.

Rock.fbx (9.8 MB)

Thank you - we love CoSpaces and all the things you can do with it :slight_smile:

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thanks for the report, I will look into it

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