How to make trampoline?

how to make trampoline


@Alessio_Bonini you are so creative, maybe you have an idea. I like the question.

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Thank you @astrid_hulsebosch.

Back to the question I think it’s enough to simply use the command:
set variable bouncestrenght to number that you want (higher make the object bounce more).
when trampoline collides with element
push element in direction of cube with strenght variable bouncestrenght (higher make the object bounce more)

before this place the cube in the space above the trampoline with height 1000 or more (to prevent the element reaches it and reverses its direction)

remember to enable the physics of the objects you want to bounce (if it is a moving camera is not necessary) this way they will descend and so you will create the effect of the trampoline.

Additional tip: if you want to make sure that each time the item bounces less and less you have to create a list for each bounce you want it to do before stopping on the trampoline (ex.10).
add in the when collides command…

if name of element = false
set name of element = true
add element to list bounce1
set variable bounce to 1

if name of element = true
push element to cube with strenght bouncestrenght bounce
change bounce +1

run in parallel

if bounce > 10
set bounce to 0

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make me know if this work, I will make a remixable cospace with trampoline soon. To see simplier how to do

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