How to use Physics in CoSpaces - a quick video tutorial

Here’s a quick video tutorial I made for my students about how to use Physics in CoSpaces:


Thanks for sharing this.
I’m building a two week CoSpaces experience so looking for projects and outcomes that would be important for students to learn from the course.
Physics is one of the things I’m excited for students to explore.


After Physics is enabled for both animals, the lion moves a little bit AFTER the rhino lands on it.
After Precise Collision is enabled for both animals, the lion moves before the rhino lands on it. In fact the lion appears to move immediately after the play button is clicked. The lion moves even after it’s sheltered by the plank.

I’ve tried changing the values of it’s mass, bounciness and friction.The only thing that prevented the premature movement was enabling the lion’s static property.

Why is the lion moving without anything interacting with it?
How do you stop it from moving?

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Hi Tom,

When Precise Collision is enabled, the lion is no longer resting in a stable cuboid (the bounding box) and may topple over if it hasn’t been modelled to be balanced, or if it is animated.

To stop it from moving, stop the animations or find a more stable lion :slight_smile:

Hope that helps,
Geoff @ TechLeap

True, he’s not very stable.
He blames himself for his father’s death. So he ran away from his home and lives with a warthog and meerkat. He refuses to return and take up the crown.
I’ve got a good feeling he’ll be alright, hakuna matata.

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Speaking of which, CoSpaces Edu :: Lion King (Intro) , from one of my students. The new Lion King was totally made in a 3D world with VR, and one of the projects I get students to do is to animate and recreate a favourite movie scene.

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Very cool. I had been searching for a while for an inspiring person from whom I was learning to program physics in ICospace - thank you very much

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Very useful video for students and teachers alike :+1:

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This video was very helpful to me as well as my students! Never could figure out everything about physics!! Thanks!

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