How to use Physics?


I’m creating a game currently and I want to use physics. But, to be honest there is no actual youtube tutorial which shows EXACTLY what to do. To be more specific I want to drop a ball onto a ramp and the ball then destroys a wall using physics. So, if anyone could help me, please respond to me as quickly as possible.
Thank you!


Hi @Charly_book,

Here’s how you can make use of the physics feature to make a ball drop on a ramp and into a wall.

First, let’s create the wall. For this we use a cuboid-item with wall texture. Double click the item and then enable physics.. The mass describes how heavy an item is. The lighter it is, the easier it can be pushed away by heavier items.

Once the brick has been set-up, we duplicate it several times to build a wall. To easily duplicate one or several items, hold the ALT (or - key on mac) and drag the item.

Now we build the ramp! We enable physics and set it to static. Static physic items are frozen in place and won’t move around (unless you code movement on them with CoBlocks).

After that we create the ball and enable its physics. Make sure to make the ball heavy so that it can push the bricks away :slight_smile:.

In this example I also made it slightly bouncy.

Finally, press play to watch your physics scene in action!

Hope this gave you an easy overview about physics and how to use it!

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