I can't add students to a class

I have a teacher account with a pro paid plan. I created a class, but I can’t add my students. Do I have to pay to add students to a class? In the basic plan I have the possibility of adding 30 students

I have the same problem. It is saying that the invitation period has ended, but I did not create that and I cannot change it. This is very frustrating.

Hi @Marta_Pereira @Sue_Gerrey we’re sorry you’re having some trouble adding students to your classes!

@Marta_Pereira additional seats can be added at 7 EUR/USD per seat. You can find out more about our pricing here. Every additional seat will have immediate access to all Pro features with no limitations! You can use a Pro plan for free for one month using our trial code COSProTrial :slight_smile:

@Sue_Gerrey This sounds like your CoSpaces app may not be up to date - can you please double check that you’re using the latest version of CoSpaces? If not, an update should resolve the problem!

If you’re both still experiencing issues after this, please get in touch with our support team at support@cospaces.io and include your account details - they’ll be able to check what’s happening for you. :slight_smile: