I can't delete the account from my license plan for other students to join the class

I removed the student from license plan, and tried to delete account forever but it shows “Request account deletion - This student account is linked to multiple license plans. Please contact us to delete student accounts.” And I tried to contact them and no one reply me.

Also, some students even no option for “delete forever”, I can only choose"Add back to license plan".

Does anyone know if they have any phone numbers?

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This is still a limitation of the CoSpaces feature. You can only delete users from the license plan seats. You can’t delete anything from the ‘Deleted Students’ list.

The ‘Permanently Delete’ function is to delete the student account itself (including all the projects created by the student so far). This does not only delete them from your account list. It deletes the student’s ID itself.

Therefore, you only have such absolute power when the student has created a project within your license plan. If a student belongs to a different license plan and has created a project, you cannot arbitrarily delete it.

You need to understand this difference.