I can't see student work created by Free Play

Hello. I stopped seeing the Free Play work of one of my students and I can’t help him. I’ve seen them before and he has them on his account, he doesn’t understand why they’ve become unavailable to me either. I can see the work of other students. But when I watch it, it looks like he doesn’t have any Free Play jobs.
I only have 15 places, so sometimes I have to remove a student and then add him back. But before, I did not notice that access to the works was lost at the same time. I checked to see if this issue would occur if I removed and re-added another student. No, she didn’t show up. It’s something else.


Is the student included in your license? Check your users to see if the student is included in the list. The student also needs to be part of a class.

Another issue could be that the student is logging in to a different CoSpaces account that is not associated with your teacher license. I’ve run into this issue before. For example, I usually have my students log in with the Google option, but they sometimes make the mistake of logging in with just a username and password (not Google associated).

Yes, the student is included in the license and is in the class. Over the past month (when the problems had already begun), he changed his login, password, avatar - but in the list I still see him with the old login and avatar. Moreover, having created a new class and included it there, I found it there in two copies - with the old avatar and with the new one. At the same time, the work of the Free Play, its version with a new avatar is not available to me, and this option is not displayed in the list of my children.

Now I removed it from the license plan, created a new class and gave it the class code. Аnd heappeared in the class, but he is not on the list of children, not at all. I don’t understand)

This sounds like something you should reach out to CoSpaces support for.

You can fill out a support form here: CoSpaces Edu contact form. You should include screenshots of the class with the student and the user page that is missing the student.

Hi @Nepodarok, as I give also teachers courses I noticed three things:

  1. When a student enters in a class as a teacher you aren’t be able to see his work ( here for I ask everyone who enters in a CoSpaces Class to sogn in with a student account
  2. Several times students (and teachers :wink:) are a bit confused and don’t remember how they registered. It happens they confuse accounts ( while they work in their browsers with different accounts), I had a student with two CoSpace account and didn’t realize that he loged in with a CoSpaces account that I hadn’t registrated.
  3. Controll always if the sharing option (see student permission) is activated. For freeplay this is important.
    Good Luck🤞

so have you come to the solution yet?


hello. I disappeared, the disease stopped me for a long time. But now I’m coming back again. During the time I was ill, the question became clear, here was the case described above ( [astrid_hulsebosch]) - the student got confused in several accounts and confused me too. I apologize.