I have a big problem

Hi, so, I finished a CoSpace that I need to make for my class, I finished it, it is perfect, I loved it, but, today I was making something to make it more fun (it is a rollercoaster), and the screen turned black, now when I try to get in it happens the same, only in my game cause others work perfectly, I duplicated it, I tried restarting, nothing, on other browsers, nothing, I even tried in a phone and it got me out of the app! I tried everything, I can’t erase the game because it is in a classroom, not even in public, it was perfect and I can’t lost everything at this point. Probably my teacher can help me, I hope so, but help me too.
Please help me!

Hi @NICOLAS_BAUTE_ATENCI, can you ask your teacher to make it remixable, and share a link here? Has your Camera shifted to a spot which is completely black?

Yes, I will ask her that tomorrow, but I don’t know that of the camera because I can’t even program it, but I’m sure the camera did not shifted, when I open it, all the screen turns black. I will explain you, so, I was moving the path of the roller coaster and then all the screen turned black, I don’t know why, so I will ask my teacher if she can help me tomorrow.

If it turns black when trying to edit it, you many need to give @CoSpaces_Edu the URL of your Space and see if the developers can work out what’s going wrong with it.

How can I do that? Sorry, I’m still learning of all this forum and CoSpaces stuff :sweat_smile:

Oh and here it is a screenshot:

Yeah, that looks pretty bad. You can:

  1. Copy the URL (website link) in the address bar (highlight/select it, right-click and copy, or Ctrl+C)
  2. paste it into the chat (right-click & paste, or Ctrl+V)
  3. mention @CoSpaces_Edu like I did just then,
  4. and ask them to investigate

Tysm for helping me, I will notify you if it works.

Hi, tysm for helping me. I have great news, the CoSpaces is now working, I notified to CoSpaces and I guess they fixed it. Thanks for all the help and support you shared to me, here is a screenshot so you can see:

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Hey @NICOLAS_BAUTE_ATENCI we had a look at this for you and fixed it! We are really sorry for the trouble, but are also looking into the cause currently to hopefully prevent it from happening again!