I need help with bridge build project i want the bridge to collapse if board mass is less but the weight is not getting transferred

I’m new to using co blocks. If anyone could help, it would be much appreciated.

Regarding the project, there is a plus and minus button for increasing and decreasing Mass. The board mass is set to the variable Mass.

I used anchor points to attach the board to a certain location and the opacity of anchor point is 0.

When the car moves , I want the bridge to collapse if the board mass is less and for it to be stable if the board mass is more.

But there is no connection between the variable Mass and board mass. The weight doesn’t get transferred. The car moves smoothly even if the mass is less. I don’t want that to happen.

Hi @luffyhere1

We’d love to help you, but having a little trouble understanding exactly how.

We can see you have a threshold of 100 kg. The bridge collapses if the variable mass is set to a value less than 100, but otherwise it’s stable. It appears this works already though.

Can you elaborate a bit more on exactly what sort of behavior you’re expecting?

hey , thank you for the reply. I already figured it out