I want to make a health bar type thing for a cool boss fight game I have in mind anyone know something I could try

For a while, I have had a cool boss fight game like Cup Head but 3d but for the life of me, I can’t figure out how to make a health bar. I am open to any and all suggestions

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Hi @Andrew_Williams!

My pro membership expired, so I’m afraid I can’t make any examples but here’s a simple way to make a health bar:

  1. You make a variable that is the boss’s health
  2. Add an updating clone of a health bar above the boss’s head that updates according to the variable
  3. Whenever the boss is damaged, update the health variable.

Step 2 is a bit advanced, but if you would like to go on an easier path, you can just add a text box displaying health in text.

Hope this helped!

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Try this code

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