I would like to know how to recognize a specific object in reality and put a 3D model on it

I want to recognize certain objects in the real world as markers and put 3D models on top of them.

I want to do it as if I’m doing marker recognition through Vuporia program in Unity program.

But I couldn’t find the marker recognition in block coding. Is it possible in the script?
Or what kind of program should I install for marker recognition?
If I can’t do marker recognition, is there any other way?

Or you can attach a QR code to an object, enter the course face app on your smartphone, and enter AR mode.
Is it possible to float the 3D model if I focus on the QR code being filmed on the camera?

And can I write code using C language or Python in the script?

I’m sorry I have so many questions.
Please reply. Thank you!

Hi @11161,

Thank for the requests. We will discuss adding AR specific CoBlocks and scripting methods.
Currently, scripting supports only Javascript/Typescript.