Identifying largest files? Help!

Hi everyone,

I have built an art gallery for students to display their art coursework as nobody is allowed to visit the actual gallery. However, some students are reporting a lot of lag, and I think that this is because some of the uploaded artwork files are too large.

Is there any way of telling the size of uploaded files?

Here is the gallery: CoSpaces Edu :: IB Gallery

Help enormously appreciated!


Hi @Timothy_Lovatt,

what a beautiful Space you have made.

The *.gif files create extremely big memory structures and the space goes smoother if you disable them.
There may a few possible solutions:

  1. you may replace gif with a video files. Usually original mp4 files are the best for this.
  2. you may break the space into smaller ones. If you create a smaller rooms with gif animations as a separate scenes they will load separately only when they are entered

Hope that helps

Hi Nikolay,

Thanks for getting back to me so quickly. Just to clarify - a 1MB gif requires more memory than a 1MB mp4? Will the mp4 play on a loop in the same way?

Thanks so much again


Yes, the gif files on a scene use more texture memory.

Will the mp4 play on a loop in the same way?
Yes! You can place them on a scene and use inspector for playing and looping.

Hi again,

I’ve removed all of the gifs and replaced them with mp4 files. I have also downsized what I thought were the largest images. The space is running pretty OK on my Mac (a little lag here and there) but when I try to open it on my ipad or phone the app just crashes before it can open.

Is this still due to large file sizes? Can you help me to identify which items are taking up the most memory now?



Hi @Timothy_Lovatt,

Yes, the memory consumption is still a problem.
you have 215 images and dozens of them are larger than 1Mb. It is a good recommendation to limit the amount of images. (Too many pictures slow down my space).

Unfortunately there is no way to easily find the biggest files. Here is the technical one:

  • open Safari browser
  • open Tools -> Web developer -> Network (or Command + Option + E on Mac)
  • open the space from the shared link above in Safari browser
  • select Images tab and size column
    You will have a list of heaviest images, when you hover on them, you see the image and the size:

We will think of how to identify the list of heaviest assets!

Hope that helps