Image Web Search dose not work

Web search for through Bing does not work.
Did the service suddenly stop like 3D model search?

you can only use bing in cospaces to search for images but you should be able to find 3D models on websites like

When I do a web search within COSPACES, no results are returned.
Do you get results?
I wonder if other people can see the results.

I have the same problem! When doing an image search from ‘Upload - Images - Web search (Image)’, no results are found. A few days ago, this functionality was working smoothly, but probably something has been misconfigured in the integration with ‘Bing’, which powers this feature.

If I change from searching an ‘Image’ (Powered by Bing) to a ‘GIF’ or ‘GIF Sticker’ (Powered by Giphy), this feature works, and I get many results from the search.

Please, CoSpaces Team, could you have a look at this problem?

Many thanks, Victor.

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Hi everyone! Thanks for bringing this to our attention. We’re aware of the issue and are working on a fix for it at the moment. We’ll update you when this has been resolved!


Hi Team! The issue has been solved :slight_smile:

We have access to Bing images in ‘Web search’ again.

Thanks for your help, Victor.