Import 3D Objects with Windows

My students are trying to import 3D objects into their spaces, but it is only working for the students who have a Mac. Is there a specific way that Windows users need to import objects? Or is there something possibly being blocked by their device?

I used SketchUp to create 3D objects and imported them under a Windows OS. Maybe the problem lies within the supported 3D formats?!

FAQ: “You can also use .STL files that you have created externally by simply dragging and dropping them on to the stage - we are working on including .FBX and .OBJ files too.”


We’re using Google’s Poly program to create and download 3D objects. All of our Mac computers allow students to select all 2-3 files (.OBJ, .MTL, and possible color file) and drag and drop directly into the CoSpaces environment. We do this same thing on a Windows device, and it doesn’t work. I’ve tried this with the exact same files, and it always work on Mac but not on Windows.

I’m confused as to what the difference would be between the two systems and if there’s a different process I can try in order to get objects to upload.

I’ve tried it with a .OBJ file and had no import errors under Windows 7 with your drag and drop workflow. It also worked with the .fbx file without the color import. I’m going to try it on Win 10 tomorrow. Do you have a link to one of your files?

The link above contains the files for a 3D soda can. When using a Mac, we were able to drag/drop both files at the same time. When using Windows, it wouldn’t work by drag/dropping them both at same time or separately.

The IT at our school isn’t sure what the difference is between the two devices either, and we can’t seem to find a firewall or something blocking the Windows devices. All of our students have Windows 10, so hopefully when you get a chance to try your Windows 10 device tomorrow it’ll uncover the same problem we’re having.

Thanks for all of your help!

I had no problem with the drag and drop import under Windows 10 as you can see:

Windows 10 Education
10.0.15063 Build 15063

Ugh! I have no idea what’s going on with my students’ Windows devices then. It must not be a Windows 10 issue, but maybe something with our server or security settings? I’ll have our IT try to look deeper into the issue.

Thank you so much for trying it out for me! I appreciate it.

Stupid question: When I download an object from poly that is “remixable” which files do I need to download and then upload to cospaces in order to keep the color? I see only an .obj and a GItf file for one of the objects I’m trying to use. Thanks for help from a 3D object newbie.

Hi @Jennifer_Cauthers,

in Google Poly you want to download the .obj file. You receive a .zip file which you need to save on your computer.

Once you have the .zip file, you can unpack it. You should receive an .obj and .mtl file. Simply select both and drag & drop them into CoSpaces.

Hope that helps!

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I watched the video and experienced successful drag and drop on my Mac, but am having the similar problem with drag and drop on a Windows 10 machine. I’ve tried dragging just the obj file as well as the obj and mtl files together - no luck either way… I know it works (as I’ve seen it happen smoothly on my Mac), but the Windows issue is a struggle…any new helps?

Hi Charles,

When you download model from Google Poly or other similar tools you usually get your files compressed into zip archive. Locate this archive in a Downloads folder, right click it, in the menu select “Extract all” and make sure that “Show extracted files when complete” checkbox in the next window is checked. Click “Extract” and soon you’ll see another window with extracted files.Try to drag and drop files from this window into CoSpaces.

Will it work this way? If it still won’t work please try to give us as much details as possible: link to the model you are trying to upload and exact version of you browser and operating system. If possible, please also make video screen capture and share it with us here on forums or via private PM. Thank you!

Thanks for help from a 3D object newbie.