Import blender files with hairy textures

Hair_Ball.mtl (244 Bytes)
Hair_Ball.obj (44.2 KB)

Hi, I was wondering if it’s possible to import these files as enclosed. I would like to add some hairy balls into cospaces that are created in blender… but I’m not sure this is possible? It seems that most objects are geometric. Just trying the program to see what is possible :slight_smile:
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Good question what do you suggest @Giuseppe_Schiuma ?

hi @N_Wering @astrid_hulsebosch, when you create an hairy object in Blender you use particles but you have to convert them into curves, then extrude them, then convert into mesh and in the end solidify… it is a complex process to obtain an object that have a great number of faces.
Here an example of a sea urchin:

ball_fur_solidified.mtl (431 Bytes)
ball_fur_solidified.obj (1.1 MB)

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