Imported videos cannot be selected*

Hi. Some of my students cannot select in Coblocks the videos they have imported in mp4 format (small).
Here is an example (see line 32 in scene 5) : CoSpaces Edu :: Projecteur 30_04_ 20

Daniel Pers, France

Hi @Daniel_Pers,

The video has to be placed on the scene in order to appear in this CoBlock

Thank you very much for this help, and for your responsiveness.
Indeed I had forgotten this procedure.
But wouldn’t it be simpler for students to be able to select in CoBlocks an imported video as for imported sounds, directly?

Daniel Pers

The video has to be placed somewhere on a stage otherwise it is not clear where to play it. And one video file can be placed few times on a scene.
The sound is singleton object and has no position on scene. That is why it can be played directly.

Yes, you’re right.
Thank you very much.
Daniel Pers