Importing 3D models/avatars not in the T-Pose but hands down

Hello, I hope someone can help me with this task.
We create 3D models/avatars for our students using selfie photos. I get them as FBX file in the T-Pose. In order to have avatars with hands down, I use Mixamo. Once I download it I get it the way I want (unfortunately, I cannot attach the file, because it is more than 15 MB). However, after importing it into CoSpaces, I get T-Pose again.
I am curious if there is a solution for this. Perhaps, in Blender?
Thank you!

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Hey mate,

I’ve actually needed to do something similar recently. I believe the solution to your problem is to change the rest position of the rig in Blender. I found this short 0:50 clip to be the most concise solution [Pose to Rest Pose | Blender Tutorial - YouTube]. Give it ago and let me know if it works!



Thank you so much Sam! It was very helpful. With some tweaking I was able to get what I needed:
CoSpaces Edu :: Hands Down Pose.
With appreciation, Michael

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