Inside Dome | Ellipsoid Half

In this space I am tryin to make the dome work as a capsule.
Press the button to open Dome and walk inside the blue circle.
However, when the dome closes (moves down) it kicks player outside the circle.
Please help. CoSpaces Edu :: in the future


Hi @Betzabe_Orenos,

Unfortunately, the dome is not hollow in the middle - it’s just an ellipsoid half with some transparency and material applied. I think it’s misleading in that respect, because it looks hollow.

@Stefan @Tamara.Koehler I wonder if this could be remedied?

Geoff @ TechLeap


Hi @Betzabe_Orenos and @techleapnz,

I checked with our team and the dome is expected to be hollow on the inside - I’ll let you know once I have more news on this behavior and/or whether there’s a potential update :slight_smile:


Thank you for following up. Please keep us posted.

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