Interactive Basic Spanish Vocabulary

I’d like to share with you this CoSpaces I made.

We have just recived a new Ucrain student in my school so we have to begin the process of teaching her the language.

This would serve foraign children to remember how to pronounce a word they want to ask for, before to do it.

Hope it would help you! :wink:


Hi Dani
FIRST: I love this idea, it could really work. Just two suggestions. Don’t start with a wall and please find another phrase. I don’t think ‘ire a casa’ is a good opportunity to start with. We should never forget we have to do with children with a hug trauma. I shared my opinion as I would do with one of my best friends.
SECOND: This work could be very precious also for other teachers in Spain but also in other countries. I would consider to share it in the CoSpaces Gallery for remixing.
THIRD: Consider that this could also be something more than just a learning space make it a welcome place. Put some people around waving / supporting etc. Maybe a sound in the background.
Thanks for sharing and good luck :hugs: :pray: :pray:


Hi Astrid!

Thank you so much for your comment and your advices!

I didn´t think “ir a casa” in that way, but it true that it would be confuse, so I´ll look for another words to say it.

I have presented this CoSpaces to a contest so I will wait to open it to the end of the process, but I will. Anyway, I´m thinking about doing an English & Italian version during this short of time. :slight_smile:

Thank´s so much again for your suggestions, and don´t doubt if you have to tell me more advices :slight_smile:

Good luck!


Hi @DaniYubero,

To ensure there is no delay with the playing of sounds, you can pre-load them by adding a script:


It may also be worth playing sounds on-hover too, but that’s something to experiment with.

Great idea!



Wow, thank you so much, I will try to use it this night! Shall I repeat this code with each sound or can I write just one time adding all the sounds?
Like: Sound.load(“11111;22222;33333…”);
Thanks again!

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Repeat code for each sound.

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