Introduction to Coding Movement with Script

I have actually made a better version of my sandbox coding project with different examples of moving with the CoSpaces environment and lots of comments. I would love some feedback if anyone has any. I have one more scene to work on but excited to share the current project.

I am teaching a summer course and will be teaching students about programming and exploring in VR, but I’m no expert at Typescript so I have been using examples that I can find to create some simple demos of code for students to learn and make their own projects. Since there isn’t a way to search for script coding in CoSpaces Gallery or look at other projects by the same owner (both would love to be able to do this), I have spend lots of time searching the forums and came up with this current project, with more projects to come!

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You might enjoy CoSpaces Edu :: Coding explosions! Andrew :wink:

Geoff @ TechLeap

Thanks!! I will add this to my list of awesome examples of coding. Do you have any more examples of coding with Script? or will your course explore that?

Chat soon!!


Hey afmcdnl the scene isn’t set to remix so I couldn’t jump in and look at the code. This should be very helpful for me too, Thanks!!

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I just checked and it should be good to remix. Let me know if it doesn’t work.

It worked, it was my error. I wasn’t logged in… oops!

This is very helpful Andrew, thanks for sharing! I actually didn’t even know the path object were there. Now I can code with them.

Great to hear!!

If you have other question would love to hear them. If you have other ideas it would be great to connect too!

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