Inventory Items showing problem

When I click the axe, the axe is suppose to show in my inventory after i bought it, after i bought it it still didn’t work. SOS!!!

Hi @Johania, Cool game that you’ve made, you show some real talent for game design!

The issue you ran into is most likely due to the placement of the code (it only checks if the item is owned at the start of the game, not after you purchase an item, which is what you would want).
I’ve looked through your code and found you did alot of the same things multiple times; In programming the idea is that if you make the same code for something 2+ times it’s best to make it into a Function.

This can be done by pressing the red “functions” tab in the code, and pressing “create function”; A function can be seen as a bunch of code compacted into a single block, so that you can re-use it at anytime; I recommend checking out the following post & video: How to use functions
I went through your code and added functions for most actions, take your time reading through the code following it along step by step and see if you understand how it works, and I’d be happy to help you along if you don’t fully understand.
Hope this helps!

Happy coding and game-designing, looking forward to the end result!