iPad Attach and Group features

Also: Is there any way to attach and/or group on iPad?

Have the Attach and Group features been added to the iPad interface?
Yes? Thank you!
No? Estimated implementation date?

I have had no trouble attaching items together before in cospaces. However, on ipad pro, I’m unable to see the attach button when I click an object. Is it different in this newer update of cospaces pro?

That feature has not been implemented on the iPad. :frowning:

Hi Stefan, I see you mention here that the attach feature will be implemented on iPad…has this been done yet? I’m really struggling to get things grouped or attached I see no option for it on my iPad

Hi @Ckabbani,

The attach feature for iPad will be part of our next release :slight_smile:

I’m having trouble with the Attach feature while going through the Welcome Tutorial, specifically - not seeing the icon via an iPad Pro with iOS 12.1.3.

Hi, I’m brand new to Cospaces and about to start my first project with 5th graders. I intend to use it with the MERGE Cube and iPads. I cannot figure out how to attach objects using the iPad app.

Can anyone enlighten me?


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Can you tell us when (approximately)?

Will this be for iPad only or Android tablets, too?

Hi @petiteprof79 @jkablaoui,

The attach feature is now available on CoSpaces Edu for tablets! Please update your app to check it out :slight_smile:

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