iPad Attach and Group features



Also: Is there any way to attach and/or group on iPad?

Cannot see the attach feature on ipad pro
Ipad app functions - attach object

Have the Attach and Group features been added to the iPad interface?
Yes? Thank you!
No? Estimated implementation date?


I have had no trouble attaching items together before in cospaces. However, on ipad pro, I’m unable to see the attach button when I click an object. Is it different in this newer update of cospaces pro?


That feature has not been implemented on the iPad. :frowning:


Hi Stefan, I see you mention here that the attach feature will be implemented on iPad…has this been done yet? I’m really struggling to get things grouped or attached I see no option for it on my iPad


Hi @Ckabbani,

The attach feature for iPad will be part of our next release :slight_smile:

Technical difficulties - help?

I’m having trouble with the Attach feature while going through the Welcome Tutorial, specifically - not seeing the icon via an iPad Pro with iOS 12.1.3.

Attach feature for images

Hi, I’m brand new to Cospaces and about to start my first project with 5th graders. I intend to use it with the MERGE Cube and iPads. I cannot figure out how to attach objects using the iPad app.

Can anyone enlighten me?



Can you tell us when (approximately)?

Will this be for iPad only or Android tablets, too?


Hi @petiteprof79 @jkablaoui,

The attach feature is now available on CoSpaces Edu for tablets! Please update your app to check it out :slight_smile: