iPad Sound Issue

Maybe coding isn’t the issue, but I though I would start here. I have a music teacher creating with CoSpaces and she is stuck. I am at a loss to help her with this one. She’s been using CoSpaces Edu on my iPad. Here is the link for a merge cube that has music triggers on each face of the cube (you can see which objects are triggers in my coding): CoSpaces Edu :: merge + music.

The issue is when she logs in for the first time each day, it doesn’t want to play any of the sound clips I have uploaded in the past to my library, and additionally when she uses the “play” mode, none of the coding for playing sounds seems to work. For whatever reason when she records a new sound file, it’s like the app wakes up and all of the sudden it will play all my sound files and play coded sounds just fine in the “play” mode of the merge cube.

I think it could just be an app glitch, but I’d love any insight you might have on the issue.