iPod with 12.2 ios

I’m new to CoSpaces and have 3rd graders working on an assignment. Our end goal was to play it on our ipods (12.2 ios) and use our view master headsets to view the spaces. However, we have technical issues getting the ipods to open the spaces. We can open CoSpaces, we see the spaces, but when we click a space it says “Loading Space” and it never loads. We have people with the money coming to visit us next week to see our projects. People who will pay for our subscription next year if we are successful :slight_smile:

Hi @Cathy_Evanoff-DCS!

Are you able to provide us with a share link of the spaces that have issues loading? We’d like to take a look at them to see what’s wrong :slight_smile:

Here’s how to make a share link:

We think it might be our filter. My network engineer is checking that out now.


Can you please tell me all the urls that we would need to whitelist in order for a teacher assigned space to load on an ipod? Everything seems to work via the Chrome browser, but not with the apple mobile devices.

Please and thank you.


Your network engineers need to whitelist the following domains, protocols and ports:
edu.cospaces.io port 443 (https:, and optionally but preferably also wss: protocol),
cdn.delightex.com port 443 (https: protocol)

Also make sure to have the latest version of CoSpaces Edu app installed on your iPods: 6.8.2 or above.

Also for us to confirm that your network configuration is causing the issue and not the space itself, please share a link to the affected space as shown on the video above.

https://cospac.es/EULa is the space we have been using to test.
We still feel like it is our filter. The spaces work perfectly in the Chrome browser and on the Apple devices if a teacher is authenticated to the network. But we are having issues getting the students to be able to play their spaces on an Apple device.

Thanks for the help.