Is It normal i no longer have access to my old creations?

I created a few projects around 4 years ago i think and I used to be able to still look at them in freeplay but recently i’ve simply become unable to even see the freeplay folder they were in. Or was it called sandbox? It’s been a while since i’ve used cospaces but I am quite proud of the things I made on here and i’m kinda sad I can’t see them anymore.


Freeplay CoSpaces are now connected to Classes. Do you still have a class in your CoSpaces account?

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I have one class but it says it’s view only and doesn’t have any of the creations I made in my spare time. Only the assignments.

Hi @890_Prodoctions it sounds like the CoSpaces you’re referring to weren’t transferred to Playgrounds when our transition took place.

You can check by adding ?showFreePlay to the end of the URL, then your Free Play and any other archived CoSpaces should show up and you’ll be able to transfer them to the Playground. You can learn how to transfer your CoSpaces to Playground in this video.

Let us know if anything needs clarification or if you need any help :slight_smile:


Great tip, @CoSpaces_Edu! Thanks for sharing that and the video!

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