Issue logging in

The students in a class at our school in Australia have just advised, and I have confirmed on my own Windows 10 laptop running Chrome, that when they login to CoSpaces, the login process is hanging. I have attached a screen shot of what is happening on all our screens.

I have attached a screen shot of the login page where the hang occurs.

Previously, for the last 6 weeks or so, all the students have been able to log in to the web site without issue.

Any thoughts?


Hi @gbree3,

please, try “hard refresh” on hanging pages. On windows 10 chrome you need to press ctrl + f5 to do this.

Please, give a feedback if it helps.

We are experiencing the same outage in Hong Kong (today only)


Same issue, “hard refresh” solution provide above doesn’t work either.
Issue first detected from 6am GMT+8, from Singapore.


Maybe @Tamara.Koehler, @Coralie, or @Stefan can helps you…

We had a problem with one of our servers, now it should be resolved.


Thanks for the quick response!