Italian project "girls code it better"

"Girls code i better" is an Italian Project for all girls.
I am the coach maker in a Club in Trento and I teach how to create websites, develop apps and video games, build robots, design artifacts and 3D print them.
The girls can learn to learn, develop critical thinking, plan, work in a team and communicate.
I am working with CoSpacesEdu and my students love it! We are designing together the life of famous scientist women.
For Christmas time, the Girls created wishes postcards and I collected all the cards in this slide.
Do you like it?
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Snow_much_fun_GCIB_ICTN6_postcards (1).pdf (2.7 MB)


Very very cute, I love the solution to present al the cards in a Google Slide.
Thanks for sharing. Happy New Year to your Code Girls :fireworks:

Fantastico! Storytelling biografico con Cospaces, ottima idea!

Great job @Bettananni!!! :heart_eyes: