Lag problem with museum. Many items?

Hi all! My name is Arian, I work for a school in Argentina, so first of all I apologize if what I write is not well understood, since I am using a translator. We are putting together an art museum to present student work. We find ourselves with a problem now that we have finished the “aesthetic” and “structural” part, and that is that it locks up a lot, or it “lags”. Do you have any idea what the problem is? Will there be many elements that we load? Or did we do something wrong?
I leave a link to see if you can help me:

Sorry if this is not the place to put problems of this style, but I did not find another place to consult it.

Thank you very much and greetings!

Hi @Info_Colegio_Modelo,

the problem with your space is that it consumes too much memory. That may be caused by using too many objects, too many images, too big images etc.
You could try to follow the instructions in this thread

If it didn’t help, you could create a copy of your space and remove part of the space until you find the heaviest objects. And then spread the content between several scenes.

Hi! Thanks for the reply! We assumed that the problem came from that side. Perfect, now we are going to remove some items until we see that the viewing experience is correct.
I ask you another question: Once we have that corrected, is there a problem with the number of people who connect to visit the museum at the same time? Or would that not be a problem?

Thanks and regards!

Once it is corrected, the number of people exploring the space will not bring any problem.