Laws of physics inside a sphere or a globe

I can’t seem to make the laws of physics work inside a sphere or a dome. I’m trying to make a snowglobe with snowflakes that bounce around inside the globe. I tried both a sphere (made it almost transparent) and 2 domes (arranged to make a sphere) and a snowflake inside and it doesn’t work. If collision is ticked, the snowflake flies out of the sphere. If not ticked, it bounces around a little while hitting the ground, then falls out of the sphere. They only workaround I found right now is to make a sphere with 4 transparent tubes and put it in the globe. The tube do keep the snowflake inside…
Here’s my test for the Merge Cube with the pair of domes next to it so you can see how the physics react in that model :
Thanks in advance for your help :slight_smile:

Hi @MELapolice,

There is no physical body for a sphere in a library (the ellipsoids and dome are solids), so you can try to approximate it with cylinders.

The intersection of three cylinders looks like a squared sphere. So you can use it as a physical boundaries, that are not visible, and show a sphere as a visual object without physics.

Or you can also use cube for a snow globe as done on this example

Hope that helps!

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Using the cylinders will keep the snowflakes inside the squared sphere?

Yes, if you set them static and physics enabled

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