Leaving my workplace - What happens to CoSpace projects?

Hi there,

I’ve been using CoSpaces with my workplace for the past few years. I am leaving for a new job soon, and would like to know if there is a way to preserve or transfer my CoSpace projects to another employee at my school?

All I can think to do is make sure that all of the CoSpaces in my account are shared and remixable, so that they can create copies for themselves.

Additionally, what happens if my account gets closed? Are all of the CoSpace projects deleted from the gallery?

Appreciate any answers to this.


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Hey @s.vidler the best thing to do would be to add all the CoSpaces you want to keep into a class (or classes), then add your colleague as a co-teacher to each of those classes. For this you’d need to ensure they’re also on your license plan and share your license key with them.

Once you do this, you can assign the co-teacher as the admin and they will have full control of all the CoSpaces.

Here’s a video about how you can add a teacher as a co-teacher Adding co-teachers - CoSpaces Edu Feature Friday - YouTube

But if you need further support, you’re very welcome to reach out to our support team who will help you out in more detail at support@cospaces.io


Hey CoSpaces Team,

Thanks for replying. I’ve done as you suggested and created a Class to store all of the spaces I wanted to transfer and added one of my fellow teachers to the Class.

Thank you for all the work you’ve done on the app over the years. I have watched CoSpaces flourish and become an incredibly useful learning and teaching tool. I remember suggesting the folders feature years ago in this forum, and was pleasantly surprised to see that feature come to fruition one day. This really represents how in touch with your users you are as a company and I think is a great indicator for success.

Best of luck, and I will miss using your product.

Sam Vidler


Hi Sam @s.vidler

Thank you for such wonderful feedback! We’re so glad you’ve enjoyed using CoSpaces and found it a great learning tool - that’s exactly our goal so we always appreciate hearing this. And we’re happy to know that you saw your request come to life during your time using CoSpaces :slight_smile:

We wish you the best of luck in your next stage in life, hope it will be a fun and successful one! :star_struck: