Looping lesson plan, please critique

I’ve constructed a space to introduce looping structures.
The code is included, bit it wouldn’t be when I give the lesson to students.
We would discuss what looping is and when it might be used.
Then we code each character. Students will come up with various solutions and test their code. Their solutions may involve duplicating the same line or lines of code
or coding the character speech bubble to simultaneously displaying all the numbers at once.
All of this is ok as we can use it to discuss purpose and values of looping. The conversation will lead to looping solutions I’ve included in the space I’m sharing.

I would appreciate your feedback.
Here’s the link, CoSpaces Edu :: Lesson - Loops.

Thank you

Hi @twolken,

What age of students is this lesson for? What’s the duration of this lesson? I think you have a good range of loop examples/problems in your demo solution.

Once students have grasped the concept, getting them to apply their thinking to some different challenges or contexts which you or they create is important for retention, recall, and application.

Extension ideas could include:

  • nested loops,
  • breaking out of loops, and
  • looping through list elements.

Hope this helps! Let me know if you have any further questions.

Geoff @ TechLeap

PS: if you do write down the lesson plan, please do consider sharing it here with other teachers on this forum, and making your demo solution remixable.

Many thanks,