Make rooms with doors

Hi there.
I want my students to model stuff in blender then import it into cospaces.
I’ve tried and can import OBJ plus MTL files into cospaces perfectly. Well done guys!

However, and this is a big one. The engine clearly reads the objects as solids. So For Example, I can’t walk through this door way.

I see two work-arounds. 1 - model each block and put them together in cospaces. YUck
2 - Turn off collision detection for imported objects.

Hi @Ashton_Simmonds,

At this time custom-made 3D items are always imported with a box collision that spans the entire bounding box of the item.

To create a more appropriate collision shape you can disable collision selectively on this item and build a collision mesh with simple cuboids.

Hope this helps!

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Thanks for your reply.
I’ve worked it out now and it works well.
Is there any chance you could add a block in cospace that turns off collision detection etc.
That would be tops .

Hi @Ashton_Simmonds,

I’ll be in touch with our developers about this and see what can be done :slight_smile:

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Hi Ashton_Simmonds,

now our application supports precise collision for uploaded models, but because of your model is already imported on the scene, we had to fix it. Here you can find new model with precise collision and replace old one with it: