Making trampoline

How to make a trampoline in steps.

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Hi @Sharko_311,

There are two ways you can make a trampoline. I’m assuming you are wanting the camera to jump, but here is how to do it in coblocks;

  1. Move the object up when the camera collides, and the built-in physics engine will make the player “jump” up. I used this a lot on my projects, I can give you an example if you would like.

  2. Move the camera boost up when the object is touched - I’ve never tried this before, but basically when the player touches the trampoline, the camera is boosted upwards.

Here is an example of the first method:
(My screenshot feature is broken right now, so I will have to type it, sorry)

When Camera collides with another item:
If AnotherItem = “trampoline”
move “trampoline” 2 meters up in 0.2 sec.
move “trampoline” 2 meters down in 0.2 sec.
if you remix this project, you will see the code for 3 bouncy spheres I used for the parkour:

Hope this helped!

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It worked! Thank you very much.