Merge Cube 'hanging out' of rear and bottom sides

I am using a merge cube on a new iPad with lates version of iOs updated today.
Merge cube viewing has been fine up until now
When viewing merge cube now, on a model that has been ‘covered’ on all sides, the real merge cube is showing protruding out of the rear and bottom sides behind the AR projection? Like the AR projection has been moved slightly forwards and up from the actual location of the cube?
It’s tracking fine but always the rear and bottom sides in any orientation are left showing - by about 5% of the surface width?
This kind of ‘breaks the magic’ can it be fixed please?


Hi @Nicholas_Trussler,

can you please share your CoSpace so we can investigate the problem

Hi And thanks

It was a demo one that I remixed from the gallery - it’s here

But I also noticed it on several others?

I am able to just make a new Merge Cube Co-Space, change the material of the cube to something plain and opaque . - and the same symptom occurs. Its not the end of the world but it looks much more sloppy having a 5% slither of the actual cube visible at the rear?
There’s not some kind of alignment reset I have missed how to do is there?


I’ve checked this space on iPad Air (iOS version 12.4.2) and it looks ok. Is it possible to record the video of the issue and inform on which device and iOS version it’s reproducible?
Thank you in advance!

OK thanks - here is the video shared as a public link on GoogleDrive

iOs 13.2.2 (Downloaded today)
Device = newest version of the 10 inch standard iPad (6th generation)

Thanks a lot!
We will report it to our developers.

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