Minecraft 3D models

I need help importing 3d models from Minecraft (.glb)
I tried to convert the model to .obj and .fbx using blender and other online converter and did not work.
My result: CoSpaces Edu :: MineMegeWorld

Im trying to make like this one: CoSpaces Edu :: Digestion AR - Minecraft

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so what you could do depending on your system is either make models in TinkerCAD
or maybe load pictures of the texture and attach it to some cuboids else i dont really know how but check out the textures of this minecraft cospace maybe that could help CoSpaces Edu :: Working Minecraft Clone
take a look at how the creepers textures are made

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Is there a way to create and upload my own 3D characters with animations? If so can someone please share how they are doing that?

hi Aska
no there is not currently a way to make custom animations i have tried my self but there is a way with variable but its not very good i can show you if you want to see it

how do i import co spaces to mincraft?

I think you just push save